Our Mission

The mission of New York Wild is to bring to the viewing public, for the entire year, a diverse group of wildlife in their natural habitats within New York State. As habitat continues to be impacted by people, it is vital to recognize the habitat needs of so many species in order to minimize future impacts.

New York Wild is the first animal cam website that will operate on a year-round basis throughout New York State. Animal cams will be established not only for individual bird nesting seasons, but also for mammals and amphibians, in an effort to offer new insights on animals not commonly seen on animal cam websites.

Each species will also have information regarding its specific biology and habitat requirements, where they might be found in New York State, and any special concerns related to their well being.

New York Wild is the first of its kind — year-round animal cam educational website. The sponsors of New York Wild are delighted to be associated with a program that promotes a better understanding of the wildlife of New York State.

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