Welcome to New York Wild!

It has often been stated that one success builds yet another success. So it is with the new and exciting website, New York Wild. Many of the partners of this website have worked together for years on successful bald eagle, peregrine falcon and river otter restoration projects in Central and Western New York. These highly publicized projects clearly indicated that businesses, regulatory agencies and conservation groups and individuals could pool their resources and brain trusts in an effort to show the people of New York State and beyond the value and importance of wildlife and habitat in the 21st millennium.

New York Wild will endeavor to be more than just another website with animal cams. For example, it will add an educational component for each of the animals that it is showcasing. It will also bring to its viewers new insights about the wildlife of New York State, their values to us as a society and their individual habitat needs, so crucial in today's expanding population. Finally, New York Wild will be a year-round website focusing on a wide variety of animals throughout the entire year. No other website has ever endeavored to accomplish this task.

New York Wild is also attempting to show its viewers that long before white man stepped upon the shores of North America wildlife roamed freely and habitat was abundant. Today, the remaining open spaces left for wildlife are critical to their ability to survive. Through education, we hope to promote a new sensitivity to their needs and viability.

The partners of New York Wild hope you enjoy the wonderful wildlife of New York State and our exciting new website. Keep monitoring our site as we add new wildlife throughout the year.

We continue to look for new partners and webcam opportunities. If you would like to help or have a unique opportunity for people to see, . We recently have set up hardware on a loon nest in the Adirondacks and would like to put cameras on fox or coyote dens.

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