American Kestrel Nest Boxes 2011

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge Kestrel Box

This image updates every 25 seconds with a fresh picture from the Kestrel Box. Streaming video is not available from this location. View live video by visiting the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center where live video and sound from the Kestrel Box can be enjoyed.

Kestrel Nest Box was erected for the season on 3/8/2011


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This Kestrel Box is located near the visitor center at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge in Western New York State. Learn more about the refuge by following the link to the Refuge Site listed below:

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The American kestrel (formerly known as the sparrow hawk) is the smallest member of the falcon family found in North America. Arguably the kestrel is probably the most common of all diurnal (daytime) birds of prey. Since much online information is presently available, we have included several links to sites that describe the life history and behavior of kestrels, while opting to share some of the background history and information collected from this particular territory.