The Future

In 2000, a second nesting territory was observed in the same watershed as NY#1. During the summer of 2001, the adult eagles from this new site, (NY #55) produced their first offspring. One of those two adults, suspected to be the female, sports a brightly colored leg band that indicates she has roots in New York. The band colors are purposely not revealed here, so that sightings reported by the public are not accidentally biased. Pay particular attention to the legs of the next bald eagle you see. You may get to share in a secret!

While the future of the bald eagle population looks much brighter than it did as recently as fifteen years ago, it seems totally appropriate to focus on the word present, as the recovery of New York's eagle population is a gift of immeasurable significance. To once again view our national symbol flying free, after it teetered on the brink of extinction, should make each of us realize as Americans, that in one way or another, we all have had a stake in this outcome.

May God bless this nation once again!

The Past

Great Expectations


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