The preceding accounts have unfolded over the past twenty-seven years, and it is with profound humility that those responsible for conducting the project, thank the many volunteers, coworkers, and especially family who have aided making this adventure an incredible success. All of these individuals and groups clearly fall into the category of friends, and if someone's name that should be listed below has been excluded, such an omission was not intentional. Twenty-seven years is a long time to remember.

Thomas Rauber - the original site "monitor" from whom most of the initial experiences and historical data were acquired. Tom unselfishly shared all he knew to help improve the future of the bald eagle in New York.

Deborah & Katrina McHargue
Raymond & Sharon McHargue
Marilyn Cole
Michael & Hazel Hanna
Norris Rowley
Jack Harrison
Judy (Smith) Selig

City of Rochester in conjunction with the Water Department & it's Employees. Special thanks to Don Root.

Lt. Richard Banker (NYSDEC - Ret't)
Lt. Peter Barton (NYSDEC)
ECO John Hill (NYSDEC)
Lt. Michael VanDurme (NYSDEC - BECI)

The Bureau Wildlife Staff (NYSDEC) Region 8
Peter Nye (NYSDEC) Endangered Species Unit Leader
Larry Myers (NYSDEC - Ret'd)
Stanley Weimeyer - US Fish & Wild Service
James Carpenter - US Fish & Wild Service
Jim Rapp - Salisbury MD Zoo

Sharon Allen
Aaron & Matthew Allen

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Great Expectations

The Future

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